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NOBLE - Teikoku Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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NOBLE Group environmental philosophy

The NOBLE Group is aware of the importance of environmental conservation and strives to carry out manufacturing work in an environmentally-friendly manner through the use of "human-orientated technology" - technology that is both environmentally- and human-friendly. We continue to do our best to meet our customers' expectations as a company while contributing to the conservation of our planet.

Environmental policy

NOBLE Group companies adhere to the following environmental policy in all activities related to the development, design, manufacturing, and retail of electronic components.

  1. We consider environmental conservation efforts an important issue in business operation and strive to always be improving our practices and prevent pollution in all we do.
  2. We will adhere to all environmental laws and other requirements and will contribute to environmental conservation as much as technologically and financially possible.
  3. We will set environmental objectives and goals based on basic business policies and push ourselves to always be improving our practices.
    • If materials endanger the environment, we will replace these with alternative materials whenever possible.
    • We will strive to reduce the amount of waste produced as companies and will do our best to always separate and recycle waste.
    • We will strive to conserve resources and energy.
  4. We will identify prohibited materials in order to prevent environmental damage due to harmful chemical substances and will carry out source administration for all materials and parts.

Environmental management system

Overview of environmental management practices

We consider our main environmental management practices to be: prioritizing adherence to all environmental laws, regulations, and agreements, then working to improve our product and services environment, implementing environmental management practices in our offices, and contributing to society. We carry out these practices in the context of the regulations of ISO 14001.