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President Masuo Hanyu

The electronics industry is rapidly evolving, with a primary driver expressed simply by the word of “IoT”. Adaption to ever changing and advancing sensor technology addition to our company strength of man machine interface development is a must.
In response to industry changes, we strive by an eternal theme of KAIZEN, KAIRYO and KAIKAKU for continuing production innovation.
The collaboration beyond sections is a requirement for production innovation.
I engaged in production engineering for many years.
It has been my mission to strengthen department ties.

There is no doubt that greater importance will be placed on electrical component technology in the fields of automotive electronics, home appliances, medical/healthcare, robotics, and a host of other areas in the future.
Our goal will be new product development and sales expansion with a strong focus on sensor technology driven by market requirements.

At the same time, our aim will be maintaining current technology and development without any compromise.
Please expect on seeing our company in tomorrow's electronics.