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代表取締役社長 一柳 和夫

Our company was established in 1944, when Japan was only beginning to get involved in the electronics industry, with the goal of manufacturing and researching parts for electronic equipment and eventually being able to supply superior quality parts to a wide variety of customers. Over the following seventy years we have manufactured a wide variety of parts and products, and have developed a presence as a global resistor business through our high level of technical expertise and ability to develop new parts.

We have developed our technological expertise and product development skills through the production of discrete parts and this has led in turn to involvement in our clients' production process from the development stages and the development of our own unique product concept in order to respond to our clients' individual needs - Integrated Control Block (ICB) products. In this way we have been able to meet a wide variety of needs in the electronics industry, including the personalization of electronic devices and the subsequent need to create devices that are thinner, lighter, and more compact.

In recent times the electronics industry is advancing at a rapid rate to include devices and functions previously unimaginable, all connected in the network that is the Internet of Things. As ever-increasing varieties of electronic devices are developed at an unprecedented rate, the electronic components and software that support and control these devices are becoming more important than ever.

At NOBLE, we aim to always be bringing future-focused concepts and products to new markets as well as continuing to develop new devices and technologies that will meet the changing needs of existing markets.