NOBLE - Teikoku Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd.NOBLE - Teikoku Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Investor relations Message from
the President


To all our shareholders and investors

Masuo Hanyu

Thank you for visiting NOBLE's company website.

Since our founding in 1944, we have produced popular electronic components which reflect evolving technologies and market requirements.

From our beginnings, we have developed an electronic component business with a global perspective.
We have now released a five-year medium-term management plan geared for the future.

In the medium-term management plan, we will use three C's (Change, Challenge and Communicate) as action guidelines towards the long-term vision of "development and evolution from the NOBLE for resistors to the new NOBLE".
The NOBLE group will be unified in achieving the five-year medium-term management plan to further improve our corporate values based on the strategies of "Expansion of existing areas", "Development of new products that capture customer needs" and "Establishment of new areas".

We will continue to strive to communicate accurately and fairly, in addition to providing disclosures required by law and Investor Relations regulations.

Looking forward, with your continued understanding and support, we will do our utmost to meet all your expectations.