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Investor relations Message from
the President


To all our shareholders and investors

President Kazuo Ichiyanagi

Thank you for visiting our company website. Within a management environment that continues to change at an unprecedented speed, we believe that disclosing appropriate information as quickly as possible is one of a company's most important duties. Rooted in this belief, we do our best to share information about the current condition of our company, our goals for the future, and details of profit for our shareholders through the Investor relations section of our website.

Please note that when updating our website with new information to which timely disclosure regulations apply, we seek to publish this information in the most appropriate manner possible, in accordance with these regulations.

We also do our best to communicate honestly and fairly even in regards to information to which these regulations do not apply. We continue to seek to do our utmost to meet your expectations of our company and ask for your continued understanding and support.